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Every Tuesday - for requirements see the CA-20053 AFJROTC Cadet Guide.

Uniform wear is a large part of the Air Force JROTC program. ALL cadets are required to wear the appropriate uniform each Tuesday, from the start of the school day, until released. Make-up day for excused absences on uniform day is the following Thursday.  If cadets have an excused uniform wear, PT clothes are required, with all other standards met.  There will be no uniform make-up for unexcused absences. Failing to wear the uniform all day will result in a “0” (zero) grade for that uniform day– NO EXCUSES.  Uniform wear will be evaluated using the checklist found in the attachments of the Cadet Guide.  Multiple failures to wear the uniform can lead to disenrollment from AFJROTC.

School Year 2023-2024 KHS students entering AFJROTC have the option of wearing the AFJROTC uniform or opting out of grooming and uniform wear.  Students who choose to opt out will wear a KHS AFJROTC polo shirt provided by KHS and blue jeans (student provided).  Jeans must be dark blue and in good condition (i.e. no tears, rips or holes in the pants),   However, those who choose this option may not participate in field trips and teams such as Color Guard where wear of the AFJROTC uniform is a requirement.


20 Feb 2024

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